Hello World Wide Web! Welcome to my first blog. You asked for it, you got it. God help me…

To those of you who know me, I have for a long time been documenting my “Mister Mom” “Daddy Daycare” adventures, and “mis-adventures” on Facebook. I get many comments and compliments as I go about my business around town from many people who seem to really enjoy seeing that there is a real life guy out there who realizes how hard it is to raise kids at home, and who seems to be “validating” what many of you women have known for years – that being a stay at home mom is just as tough as any job there is out there. And I have to admit… I 100% agree with you.

I told my wife the other day before she hopped in her car on her merry way to work (she is now working full time to support my unemployed ass while I look after the kids full time), to enjoy her day at her “paid vacation” that she calls “work” and proceeded to tell her I work way harder in a day than she could ever hope to…

As the look of “did I just hear that right” quickly turned into lightning bolts starting to fly from her squinted eyes towards me – I quickly danced around them when I reminded her that while she is enjoying adult interaction all day, having a nice 1 hour lunch break with the girls, afternoon coffee breaks, and having the ability to simply enjoy taking a shit on company time by herself without two sets of eyes staring at her asking what she is doing, that I would be here, at home, gleefully wiping asses, cleaning puke, fending off the two kids simultaneously trying to climb on me while I attempt to “drop a deuce”, breaking up fights, feeding and cleaning up after kids, and oh – that I would have supper ready for her when she gets home…

I have had many people tell me lately, who follow me on Facebook that I should start a blog about my adventures and mis-adventures with my kids. It’s definitely a unique situation, unexpectedly being a full time stay at home Dad. I laughed, and I laughed. I thought yeah, right. Start a blog…

It wasn’t until I was told that there are apparently people out there making a living at blogging… who knew right? I thought about it on a more serious level as time went on and finally decided I’m not one to shy away from attempting to make a living, and I am willing to do whatever it takes to earn a living for my family, no matter how far out of my comfort zone it is.

Sooooo… here we go.

My life has been a pretty much an open book an Facebook for years now. I say whats on my mind, and don’t care too much if someone doesn’t like what I have to say or post. I like to “let it all hang out” as they say, so I thought what the hell. Let’s take a rip at this “Blog” thing. The truth is I enjoy writing anyway, I am currently unemployed, (but working harder now than I ever have), and need to look at any possible source of income, and apparently there are at least 6 people out there who seem to enjoy my sense of humour (not including my wife) and my reporting of my “Daddy Daycare” happenings, So here it is.

From “Rig Pig” to the unemployed “Daddy Daycare Blogger”, I will attempt to entertain you with a blog every two weeks or so. I hope you enjoy it. God, help me.

For those of you who not yet know me, and have hopefully been introduced to this blog site by my Facebook friends who hopefully are sharing the ever living shit out of this to get traffic to my new site, the following is a bit about my background and how I became “Mister Mom”:

So there I was…in September of 2015, watching oil prices crash, work disappear, and many good people getting laid off. Market uncertainty was all the talk at the water cooler.

I have been in the oilfield my entire life, since I left high school actually, back in 1993. I eventually became a Driller on oil rigs, and later moved on to contract well operating closer to home where I could enjoy sleeping in my own bed instead of work camps in northern Alberta. Later, I was offered an opportunity to join the safety profession with the oil company that I worked for as their “Drilling & Completions Safety Advisor”.

I never pictured myself to be a “Safety Geek” and did just about everything to not get hired while I was being head hunted by them. After I ignored my emails for about 2 weeks and returned from a holiday in New York, I remember sending an e-mail to the HSE Manager after I was sure he had hired someone else – (he hadn’t) just to thank him for the opportunity and that I may be interested down the road if any further opportunities came up. It seemed like the courteous thing to do. Phew!, dodged that bullet! If you would have told me I would wind up becoming a “Safety Professional” I would have kicked you in the ass and told you to “get off your crack pipe”.

Not so fast…

To make a long story short, the position was still available, and to make the story even shorter I ended up accepting the job and becoming one of the very “things” I once despised in the patch – the Safety guy. The “friendly” guy that was coming out to tell you how your doing your job wrong, and explain how I could “coach” them into improving, and becoming better employees. How to be safer, that kind of shit. The guy who was coming out to investigate how your helper with the weed pipe blew himself up in the enclosed P-Tank building. “I think I found the ignition source”… True story. The guy who was coming to call you out on your bullshit story about how there was an equipment malfunction which caused you to run the top drive through your diving board up in the derrick of the rig. I was now that guy.

Anyways, after being in the safety industry for a few years, I wound up accepting a new job as the Field Safety Supervisor (Middle Management) for one of the largest drilling contractors in Canada for the past 2.5 years. I worked with some great people there. It was at this company’s water cooler, where all the talk of the good times in the oilfield were coming to an end. The daily conversation of doom and gloom and trying to guess when the Human Resources lady was coming up to swing their big axe was definately stressful to say the least. Especially for me being in the”Middle Management”category. I knew it was coming, and I knew I was pretty much a “dead man walking”. It was just a matter of when, not if.

The “when” came on the morning of September 10, 2015 when I was greeted by the V.P. of Safety from the “Ivory Tower” in Calgary. It was real nice of him to make the trip up… After a bit of small talk, I was asked to turn in my company items – the Truck, Cell Phone, Computer, GPS, Fuel Card, Keys to the building etc., and was handed the envelope with the “pink slip” in it, and he thanked me for my service.

Now what? I have a beautiful 3 year old girl and a handsome 1 year old boy at home to feed! Shit just got real!

My wife stepped up in a big way, and went back to work full time as a Social Worker. That helped a lot, and it keeps the bills paid. Something I used to do.

With my wife going back to work full time, it meant one thing – there’s a new house bitch on the block! Good times were coming!

The kids were quickly pulled from the daycare due to the major expense, and because I no longer had an income. Times were-a-changing as they say, and change they did. Now I was going to hang out, watch cartoons with the kids, and finally get to take it easy – like all the other stay at home Moms out there that just sit around the house all day surfing Facebook, drinking latte’s, and eating bon-bons while watching Victor Newman and his kids on “The Young And The Restless” have unprotected, spontaneous sex with other peoples property and everything else that walks in Genoa City, and of course change channels and see what Bo & Hope, and good ol’ Steffano, are up these days in “All My Children” just down the road in Salem. Heard he died?


Anyways, now I am looking after a 3 year old girl and a 1 year old Boy full time, how hard could it be really? “Daddy Daycare” and “Mister Mom” was born, again.

I got this – all. day. long. Literally.

~ To Be Continued ~

Please leave a comment and let me know how how you enjoy my Blog as we go! I appreciate your support. Your feedback will be much appreciated! (Good, Bad, or Ugly).


71 thoughts on “HOW I BECAME “MISTER MOM””

      1. Good for you for stepping up to the plate. I am an oilfield wife. My hubby is on breakup so we’ve traded roles in the last few days. I am back nursing to grab some hours to keep my license. It was super nice to come home to a meal and Costco shopping done. He feels your pain but our kids are in school. It’s still busy though running to every practice.

  1. You are a good writer and a great storyteller Justin! I look forward to following along with your daily antics! It will definitely bring some sunshine and laughter to my dreary life!!

  2. Love the blog! I told you when I saw you at the arena we were already fans, this was such a great idea! Good luck Dave and I will be following your misadventures…

  3. Awesome start cuz!! This is right up your alley! Once you get this blog thing going I think a book is I order! You are too funny!

  4. As a fellow stay at home parent I can see myself looking forward to reading about your daily adventures. Great start, keep’em coming ?

  5. Justin, I always have enjoyed your writings on facebook. This is a blog I will for sure read and share. Great job mister mom. Enjoy your precious time making memories with your kids.

  6. This is awesome Justin!! You’re an inspiration to all those Mister Moms out there. Looking forward to your next post!

  7. Good job Justin, your adventures are always fun to read. Raising kids will be stressful at times but cherish every moment because they grow up way too fast.

  8. Waytago Bingo!! Love to hear where life leads you. Being a “mom” is a very challenging yet rewarding job. Don’t screw those kids up!! It’s all in your hands!

  9. As a fellow stay at home parent I love your male perspective! I love that you see we don’t just nap and Facebook all day!! I can’t wait to keep reading your “daddy daycare” adventures!

  10. Wow! Great start. I can hardly wait to hear what you and the kids get up to next. Enjoy your time with them, they get big real fast!

  11. Hell Ya!
    Loving it already, you are a parallel to my life. Funny thing, my “rigger” hubby and I are asking the same questions.

  12. I loved every word! Thoroughly enjoyed it. Can’t wait to hear more. It will give us girls something to read and laugh about on our “hour long lunch breaks.” Keep them coming!

  13. You are such a goof ball, glad to know that you stepped up to the plate to make awesome memories that your kids will talk about for years to come. Can’t wait for the next edition! Good on yah!

  14. Correction !! Bo, Hope and Stephano are “days of our lives” lol. And keep on keepin on. Love your blog and I’ll for sure share it. hope this makes you ? So we can get together again and be productive!! Lol.

  15. Great story and huge wake up call for anyone going from one career to another! The grass always looks greener… After I had my kids I couldn’t wait to get back to work, kids are hard, awesome and amazing and I LOVE them to pieces, but hard!! Can’t wait to read more.

  16. Can’t wait to read the next! I had surgery 2 weeks ago and my husband looked after the baby for 3 days straight….. He had a whole new appreciation for stay at home moms after that! Love reading the male perspective ??

  17. I so enjoyed your blog as a mom of 6 and grama of 12 I have a good idea of the surprises you have in store. Keep sharing you have a gift of the gab. Thanxs

    1. Thanks Bonnie, I appreciate the kind words! I will have some things to post very soon! Just getting some website “tweaks” completed and then I will post some things.

      1. All is well indeed. By the way, I think I remember my wife telling me something about how hard raising little kids was… still not convinced so i guess i’ll have to keep reading your blog!

  18. It’s nice seeing the stay at home gig from a male perspective. I enjoyed this.
    Keep writing and thanks for sharing!

  19. Justin – I laughed all the way thru your post! 🙂

    Love the blog name 🙂
    As a fellow blogger I know there are tons of ways to skin this beast…. check out Amazon Affiliate options (Amazon pays you) Pretty slick 🙂

  20. As a mom of two (a threenager and a 7month old girls) whos boyfriend works oil and gas a week in and a week out at a time there are days when I dream about going back to work early (as a paramedic doing shift work and the dreaded nights) just to have a break.

  21. Hi Justin. Really enjoyed your blog. Can you send it to us? I think those two little children should be home in bed. You probably don’t want any advise from you Mother in law! From now on I will not give any if you keep us in the lope. Love Sylvia

    1. HAHA! I will take any advice I can get from you Sylvia!!! Of course, I will make sure it gets sent to you guys down there! Thanks for the kind words!

  22. Even as a non-parent I find this very entertaining. The situation is so relatable, especially in these economic times…I believe you’ll draw a great audience of people who have sustained unprecedented changes in their lives and who will have to run headlong into a new role/position(/persona even), just as you have. Thanks for sharing your journey.
    P.S. I worked for a short while with your wife! That’s how I came across your blog.

  23. This is perfect. I’m lucky my husband still has a job but it definitely took the patch slowing down for him to realize how much I really do in a day as a stay at home mom. Congrats by the way mister mom, takes a real man to step up and do whatever job is available!

  24. Welcome to the blog world! Looking forward to avoiding my dishes and laundry by reading it!

  25. I am enjoying your blunt honesty! It is so refreshing and helpful to have an insight to how my wonderful hubby might feel and think. ☺️

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