Sidewalk Chalk & Dad Talk

Before having kids, when I would drive around town and see the sidewalk chalk that polluted the sidewalks and driveways of what would otherwise be peoples nice homes with great curb appeal, the OCD in me would cringe. How could parents let this happen? How long until that shit washes away? You must have to scrub it, right? Their neighbours must be pissed!

The things you don’t know or realize when you are not a parent.

  1. I haven’t written a blog in quite a while. I have been pouring all of my time into my kids and re-educating myself for a real estate career, and finding the time to sit down and write was very much becoming a challenge. Any spare time I had, I just wanted to zone out. I wasn’t really sure if I would, or even should continue blogging or not. Do people actually give a shit what I have to say? Are people actually interested in my thoughts or opinions or what I do with my kids anyway?  How or why did I ever start blogging? It is still strange to me in a sense, but somehow I have enjoyed writing about it and still to this day, I am not even sure why I do it, but somehow I enjoy writing- let’s keep doing this. Continue reading “Sidewalk Chalk & Dad Talk”