The Early Bird Gets The Worm

Hello! Welcome to my second blog.

I have had multiple requests that I share a Facebook blog post that I posted back on December 18th, 2015. It was a day I will not soon forget. And neither will they…

Personally, looking back at it now, I think this story is great on so many levels . The chances of this EVER happening again has gotta be ZERO. I would likely have a better chance of being killed by a vending machine before this magical alignment of the stars would ever happen again. Just like that billion dollar Powerball that everyone was excited about a while back. I will call Las Vegas for the official odds later.

I have added more of the details from that epic day in the middle of December, and exactly what was going through my mind. So even though many of you who seen that post from back in December, it will be a bit new for you.

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Hello World Wide Web! Welcome to my first blog. You asked for it, you got it. God help me…

To those of you who know me, I have for a long time been documenting my “Mister Mom” “Daddy Daycare” adventures, and “mis-adventures” on Facebook. I get many comments and compliments as I go about my business around town from many people who seem to really enjoy seeing that there is a real life guy out there who realizes how hard it is to raise kids at home, and who seems to be “validating” what many of you women have known for years – that being a stay at home mom is just as tough as any job there is out there. And I have to admit… I 100% agree with you.

I told my wife the other day before she hopped in her car on her merry way to work (she is now working full time to support my unemployed ass while I look after the kids full time), to enjoy her day at her “paid vacation” that she calls “work” and proceeded to tell her I work way harder in a day than she could ever hope to…

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